Garnier Tissue Mask Pomegranate Hydra Bomb (Blue) 32G 1'S
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Garnier Tissue Mask Pomegranate Hydra Bomb (Blue) 32G 1'S
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Restore and create natural skin moisture with Hydra Bomb Pomegranate Serum Sheet Mask. The Garnier Pomegranate Sheet Mask intensely hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling soft and plump.


How to Use

Unfold the mask. Apply on clean face with blue protective film facing outwards. Remove the blue film. Adjust the mask to the contours of your face. Leave it on for 15mins. Remove mask and gently massage your face with the excess serum.



Pomegranate Extracts


Product Information

15 minutes to gorgeous skin! Try the Hydra Bomb Pomegranate Sheet Mask that's packed with youth-enhancing, moisturizing ingredients such as anti-oxidant-rich Pomegranate extract. With 1 week worth of serum in 1 sheet mask, your skin will be left feeling soft and pampered, infused with moisture that gives you a natural glow. This dermatologically tested serum face mask is suitable for all skin types.



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