Garnier Tissue Mask Sakura White (Pink) 32G 1'S
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Garnier Tissue Mask Sakura White (Pink) 32G 1'S
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Tired-looking skin shaking your confidence? Refresh and revitalize your skin in just 15 minutes with the Garnier Serum Mask - Sakura White. The Garnier Sakura White sheet mask is enriched with Japanese Sakura for that cheerful, pinkish glow.


How to Use

Unfold the mask. Apply on clean face with blue protective film facing outwards. Remove the blue film. Adjust the mask to the contours of your face. Leave it on for 15mins. Remove mask and gently massage your face with the excess serum.



Japanese Sakura Extracts


Product Information

Perk-up dull and lifeless-looking skin with Garnier's new range of tissue face masks. Quick-acting ingredients like Japanese Sakura naturally replenish and brighten your skin to give you a rosy glow from within. An instant boost of hydration in just 15 minutes, the Garnier Sakura White Serum Mask delivers 1 week worth of serum in 1 mask, giving you smoothen your skin and a renewed sense of confidence. The Garnier Sakura Sheet Mask is dermatologically tested to work on all skin types.



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