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Kordel's Bio-Charantia 60's

  • Support healthy sugar and fat metabolism
  • Support proper utilization of glucose
  • Support general health well-being

What is Bio-Charantia 150mg?

One plant that received the most attention for its anti-diabetic properties is bitter melon. This bitter fruit contains at least three active substances with anti-diabetic properties including vicine, charanti, which is confirmed to have blood sugar lowering effect and insulin-like compound known as polypeptide-p. Bitter melon is one of the best foods that must be added to our weight loss diet because it has the ability to keep our body weight on the lower side. It contains low fat, carbohydrates and calories that prevent the body from absorbing fat. Bitter melon helps to manage the body weight and prevent a person from overeating. Bitter melon contains 85% of water and this keeps us feeling full often, thus, helps us beat hunger.


Our Patented Ingredient

Bio-Charantia with patented momordica charantia extract known as Insumate™, a polypeptide found in bitter melon that has been clinically proven to activate the damaged insulin receptors for better glucose and lipid metabolism. This patent-protected ingredient known as mcIRBP-19 can stabilise blood sugar levels by binding directly to insulin receptors as reported and published in the journal Food Chemistry. It also has studies to show that it does not cause hypoglycemia and it is safe even for diabetes patients who are under medications.

Insumate™ had be demonstrated to significantly reduce fasting blood sugar by 53% within 2 hours. It is able to reduce HbA1c up to 34%. Insumate™ is able to reduce common eye diseases, one of the complictions associated with diabetes by 50%. Insumate™ significantly reduces the fasting blood sugar within 1 month and it shows better results after consuming it for 3 months. In fat metabolism, it is also proven in a clinical study to reduce body fat by 28% for subjects on high fat diet. Reduction of triglycerides and blood cholesterol were at 39% and 36% respectively. Insumate™ further enhances muscle synthesis process and inhibits liver fat deposition process.


Recommended Uses

Take 1 capsule twice daily before meals, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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